Prepare to play a critical role in American manufacturing with DeVry Bootcamp Advanced Manufacturing Programs. Today’s modern manufacturing environment is highly collaborative. It takes a large team of engineers, technicians and specialists with varying skillsets and responsibilities to help a manufacturing company turn raw parts into finished goods. Members of the team must also ensure and that the products meet the safety and quality standards that customers desire before shipping them out the door.

Our online, skill-based manufacturing programs are designed to help you learn the tech skills and develop the competencies needed for entry-level advanced manufacturing roles. They include both technical and soft skills that can help make you a valuable team member. These on-demand programs can be completed in as little as 2 to 3 months, and you can go at your own pace – giving you the flexibility you need to accommodate your schedule. Explore the programs below to find the one that matches your interests:

Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program

These technicians provide support to the entire manufacturing organization to help ensure equipment runs well, products are built and flow through the plant correctly, and safety procedures are being followed. Read more...

Aerospace Electrical Assembly Technician

Aerospace Electrical Assembly Technician Program

These technicians install and repair electrical equipment on aircraft, including navigation, security and communication systems. Read more...

Aerospace Quality Technician

Aerospace Quality Technician Program

These technicians test aircraft parts and finished products to ensure they meet specific standards for quality, safety and performance. Read more...

Aerospace Structures Technician

Aerospace Structures Technician Program

A key player on aviation teams, these technicians assemble, fabricate and maintain major parts and systems of an aircraft that allow it to successfully function. Read more...

CNC Lathe Production Technician

CNC Lathe Production Technician Program

These technicians create high quality products from metal and plastic using CNC lathing equipment. Read more...

CNC Machining Center Production Technician

CNC Machining Center Production Technician Program

These technicians operate some of the manufacturing industry’s most advanced machines to transform raw materials into high quality parts. Read more...

Composites Manufacturing & Repair Technician

Composites Manufacturing & Repair Technician Program

These technicians create composite products using two or more complex materials including carbon fiber, plastic and fiberglass. Read more...

Drafting & CAD Technician

Drafting & CAD Technician Program

These technicians use computer software to convert engineering and architectural designs into technical drawings. Read more...

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Technician

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Technician Program

Primarily found in manufacturing settings, these technicians work alongside engineering professionals to help produce and maintain electronic and mechanical equipment. Read more...

Quality Assurance Technician

Quality Assurance Technician Program

These technicians help manufacturers ensure that the products the company produces meet quality specifications. Read more...

Safety Technician

Safety Technician Program

These technicians play a critical role in keeping employees, the general public, company property, and the environment away from harm. Read more...

Our structured learning approach guides you through step-by-step lessons that can be repeated as many times as necessary until you have a thorough understanding of the material. Take as long as you need to skill up and pass the examinations on your way to obtaining your certificate for completing the program.

Many of the required courses are used in other programs. Should you decide to pursue more than one program, several of the requirements may already be completed. This can save you time and money as you continue to develop additional skills to help you stand out in the advanced manufacturing industry.