Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program

Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program

The Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program is designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to become an entry-level Advanced Manufacturing Technician. Technicians provide support to the entire manufacturing organization to help ensure the equipment is running well, materials are built and flowing through the plants correctly, and safety procedures are being followed.

An Advanced Manufacturing Technician role might be right for you if are a dependable person who can adapt to change and variety in the workplace. This is a hands-on role that requires high attention to details and problem solving skills for decision making – in both an individual and team capacity.

What is an Advanced Manufacturing Technician and what does their work entail?

Advanced Manufacturing Technicians add value to manufacturing centers and plants in many ways: they monitor operations and inspect machinery and finished products for quality and safety; they setup, test, and calibrate industrial equipment; they track and maintain inventory and production logs; they operate manufacturing tools and machinery that may include the use and application of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, mechanical, computer, and electronic technologies.

Other names for this role might include: Manufacturing Process Technician, Manufacturing Production Technician, Manufacturing Technician, Production Technician.

Tasks and work activities for Advanced Manufacturing Technicians may include:

  • Inspect equipment, systems, or finished products to locate flaws or issues.
  • Operate industrial equipment.
  • Calibrate scientific or technical equipment.
  • Test performance of electrical, electronic, mechanical, or integrated systems or equipment.
  • Monitor the productivity or efficiency of industrial operations.
  • Measure physical or chemical properties of materials or objects.
  • Create physical models or prototypes.
  • Develop technical methods or processes.
  • Assemble and install production equipment, components or systems.
  • Maintain operational records and inventories of materials, equipment, or products.

Manufacturing Technicians may be in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Consumer products
  • Construction
  • Electrical equipment
  • Marine
  • Materials processing
  • Military

Information on this page updated from O-net job code: 17-3029.09 on 12/15/16

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