Aerospace Quality Technician Program

Aerospace Quality Technician Program

The Aerospace Quality Technician Program is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to become an entry-level aerospace quality technician. These technicians test parts and finished products to ensure they meet specific standards for quality, safety and performance. Using a keen eye for detail, these sharp investigators often interpret operational data to help improve products and possess a deep knowledge of aircraft manufacturing. They are essential in multiple phases of the manufacturing process. They constantly inspect materials, product parts and finished goods to ensure each part of the manufacturing team creates quality products that meet specifications and customer needs.

Does running tests on aircraft equipment or visually inspecting the inside of an engine sound appealing? Aerospace quality technicians must follow guidelines and procedures while effectively analyzing materials or products for faulty elements. If a product doesn’t meet its required standards, an aerospace quality technician will have no problems noting it and while working quickly to notify the team. They are thorough problem solvers who communicate with various members throughout the manufacturing process. If you consider yourself a detailed oriented person who doesn’t cut corners and feels comfortable offering feedback to others to ensure high quality standards then this role might be for you.

What is an Aerospace Quality Technician and what does their work entail?

A aerospace quality technician maintains industry standards for products by testing and inspecting various materials during the manufacturing process. Technicians may spend a day testing samples, interpreting test results or analyzing data. After testing products, they document their observations in reports and may provide recommendations to improve the product based on their analysis.

Other names for this position might include: Aerospace Quality Technician, Lab Technician, Quality Control Analyst, Analytical Lab Analyst

Tasks and work activities for quality technicians may include

  • Evaluate the quality of materials, product performance and manufacturing processes.
  • Conduct daily tests and inspection of raw materials, bulk intermediate and finished products to determine if they comply with quality standards.
  • Investigate or report questionable test results.
  • Analyze test results and laboratory data to provide trustworthy recommendations.
  • Compile facts, data and information on products based on tests and analyses.
  • Provide documentation for testing procedures including reports, data capture forms, equipment logbooks and inventory forms.
  • Advise team members on products and business operations.

Quality Technicians may be found in the following industries:

  • Air transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical

*Information on this page updated from O-net job code: 19-4099.01 on 12/20/16

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