Composites Manufacturing & Repair Technician Program

Composites Manufacturing & Repair Technician Program

The Composites Manufacturing & Repair Technician Program is designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to become an entry-level composites fabricator. Composites are made of two or more distinct materials-such as plastic and fiberglass-that adapt different properties when they are combined. Handling these complex materials requires specialized training, which is why composites manufacturing and repair technicians are such valuable players on manufacturing teams. These skilled technicians are in high-demand within automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

If you're interested in creating new and innovative products, then you may want to consider becoming a composites manufacturing and repair technician. These technicians manufacture composite products using carbon fiber and other composite pieces. Transforming these materials can require lengthy periods of welding and molding, which makes this role ideal for an attentive person who wishes to gain in-depth knowledge of composite manufacturing while working in a hands-on environment.

What is a composites manufacturing and repair technician and what does their work entail?

Composites manufacturing and repair technicians create composites by combining and molding materials. Some technicians may laminate layers of fiberglass into molds to manufacture composites. Others transform composite materials by rolling, patting or pressing them. After they’ve created a new composite object, composite technicians will often examine it to ensure the object meets manufacturing dimensions and requirements. If it doesn’t, they’ll trim the object’s molding until the ideal product is formed. Handy and practical, composite technicians create materials for some of the most influential devices in the aerospace, automotive, sports and medical industries. They also repair and modify damaged composites, particularly fiberglass.

Other names for this position might include: Composite Fabricator, Composite Materials Technician, Finisher, Fiberglass Technician

Tasks and work activities for composite manufacturing and repair technicians may include

  • Place composite materials—including chopped fiberglass, resins, and catalysts—onto prepared molds.
  • Mix catalysts into resins and saturate cloth and mats with composite mixtures.
  • Use brushes or hands to press layers of saturated mats or cloth into molds.
  • Select precut fiberglass mats, cloth, and wood-bracing materials to transform into composites.
  • Check completed composite products to ensure they meet manufacturing specifications and lack defects such as bubbles or “dead spots” that may have formed on the object during the molding process.
  • Cure materials by letting them set at room temperature, placing them under heat lamps, or baking them in ovens.
  • Repair or modify defective glass-fiber parts.

Composites Manufacturing and Repair Technicians may be found in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Marine
  • Medical Devices
  • Military
  • Construction

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