Quality Assurance Technician Program

Quality Assurance Technician Program

The Quality Assurance Technician Program is designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to become an entry-level quality assurance technician. This role is mission-critical in helping manufacturers ensure that the products they produce and deliver to clients are safe and meet customer needs.

Attention to detail is the name of the game for quality assurance technicians. Quality technicians follow guidelines and procedures while analyzing raw materials or products for defects.  These technicians must note if a product doesn’t meet its required standards and quickly communicate the problem to manufacturing team members to resolve the issue. This role might be for you if you consider yourself a thorough person who doesn’t cut corners. The company depends on you to work individually and with others, take initiative on the job, and report any quality concerns or product defects that fall outside the specified range.

What is a Quality Assurance Technician and what does their work entail?

A Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for maintaining consistent production quality by conducting checks and analysis during the manufacturing process. They ensure that finished goods meet safety regulations and product quality standards by inspecting, testing, sorting, weighing, and measuring items against defined specifications.

Other names for this role might include: Quality Control Technician, Quality Technician, Quality Assurance Inspector, Quality Assurance Auditor

Tasks and work activities for Quality Assurance Technicians may include:

  • Evaluate quality of materials or products and recommend necessary corrective actions based on inspection results.
  • Inspect, test, or measure materials, products, installations, or work for conformance to specifications using instruments such as calipers, gauges, color charts, or micrometers.
  • Read blueprints, data, manuals, or other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testing procedures, adjustment methods, certification processes, formulas, or measuring instruments required.
  • Analyze test data, making computations as necessary, to determine test results, and write test or inspection reports describing results, recommendations, or needed repairs.
  • Read dials or meters to verify that equipment is functioning at specified levels.
  • Notify supervisors and others of equipment repair or maintenance needs and production problems.
  • Monitor production equipment, tools and processing equipment operation to ensure proper functioning; repair as needed.
  • Advise others on ways to improve processes or products.

Quality Assurance Technicians may be found in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Consumer products
  • Electrical equipment
  • Marine
  • Medical devices
  • Military

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